Student Life

Student Art


Collaborative tile project. Each student created a quarter of the flower. Student choice of medium: marker, color pencil and water color.


A lesson in warm and cool color study using watercolor and oil pastel.

Guitar Lessons


Local musician Greg Smith is on campus twice weekly to teach guitar.  Students are starting off with very simple songs and are learning all of the basics from reading  music, to tuning their instruments and will eventually be able to play more complicated songs as a group. 

Outdoor Education

JKBS has teamed up with the non-profit organization Sacred Rok.  Sacred Rok works with small groups of students helping them to learn to respect nature, and through that, respect themselves.  They foster education nature's way, through observation and experience.  From rock climbing and bouldering to fly fishing, these adventures are getting our students a bit out of their comfort zone and pushing them to try to new things.  And because of this, we are seeing tremendous growth in our students confidence and motivation.

Culinary Arts

Under the supervision of local chef, Andrea Haggar, students started the culinary program by getting their Food Handlers Certificates.  From there, they have been working on some basic cooking and baking skills in a state-of-the-art commercial kitchen.  As the students become more comfortable in the kitchen, they will learn more advanced techniques and will make more complicated dishes.

Coffee Cart

One day each week, the students operate a coffee cart serving the ICOE Grandview offices.  They take orders, take payment, and act as baristas.  They are learning how to interact with the public appropriately and what it means to provide excellent customer service.  As the school year has passed, they have become more confident in their abilities and interactions and could now easily be successful in the workplace.  Along with delicious coffee drinks, students sell sweet treats made weekly but the Culinary Arts class.  We hope to branch out to serve more customers soon!