The JKBS Team


What do you enjoy the most about working with JKBS students?

Kellie Bell: Administrator

I have been the site administrator at JKBS for the last 15 years, but I have been at the school for 21 years!  I love working in alternative education for many reasons, but mostly because we have the ability to do things differently than in a regular classroom.  Many of our students have struggled in traditional education classrooms. Because of our small size, we can find what works best for each student and help them achieve success each day.  It’s such a great feeling when we are able to send students back to the regular schools knowing we’ve helped them overcome some difficulties and given them the tools they need to be successful.

Danielle Rose: Teacher

I am the multiple subject teacher at JKBS and every day at school brings something different. I love many aspects of alternative education, including the small classroom size, the opportunity to bring learning outside of the classroom, and the opportunity to work with organizations in the community. 

Each student comes with unique academic experiences and my goal for each student is to build positive connections at school. I strive to build up student's strengths and provide opportunities for them to be successful. Because of our small class size, I have the opportunity to quickly adapt our lessons and change our schedule in order to supports students emotional and academic needs. I'm proud of all of my student's efforts and their determination to reach their goals.

Andrea Haggar- Bowers: Culinary Arts Teacher

I'm a culinary instructor at JKBS. With over 15 years of experience in the culinary industry, I have worked in various roles, including as a chef in fine dining restaurants and Four Diamond Resorts as well as a culinary instructor. I bring real-world expertise into the classroom, helping students understand not just how to cook, but also the principles behind culinary arts.

I believe in fostering a supportive and creative learning environment where students can explore their passion for food and develop essential culinary skills. I emphasize hands-on learning, encouraging students to experiment with flavors, techniques, and cultural cuisines.

Beyond the classroom, I am actively involved in the local culinary community, organizing cooking workshops, volunteering at food banks, and collaborating with local chefs to provide students with real-world experiences and networking opportunities.