Teaching and Learning

Curriculum and Instruction

JKBS serves students grades 7-12. New curriculum, assessment and intervention resources have been introduced for the 2020-2021 school year. These resources provide a comprehensive assessment and instruction program to help all of our students succeed. We now have access to actionable data that helps our teachers understand both students' strengths and gaps and enables us to personalize a learning path for every student. We also employ cross-curricular direct instruction to teach reading and writing through a variety of resources. Note some of the curriculum and assessment resources below.

JKBS has moved to a new online curriculum called Edgenuity that can be seamlessly utilized in both a Distance Learning and In-Person delivery model. This Common Core Standards aligned curriculum provides asynchronous direct instruction embedded into each lesson.

JKBS is implementing MyPath which is an age-appropriate intervention program for middle and high school students that offers data-driven differentiated instruction in math and ELA. Designed to meet students at their learning level, MyPath spans skills and concepts covered in grades 3 through 11, and is designed to help students get back on track. The data and reporting features in MyPath empower educators to monitor student performance at a glance, and quickly step in to offer additional help where needed.

In addition to the embedded formative and summative assessment system in Edgenuity, JKBS is implementing the NWEA Map Assessment Suite of tools so we can plan instruction and group students based on their specific needs. This will enable JKBS to customize our program to address learning gaps of individual students and provide intervention opportunities to accelerate their progress towards grade-level competency in reading, writing, and math. NWEA Map testing data is fed into the MyPath program to provide personalized targeted intervention for individual students.